You may enjoy your work and the fun, the highs, the downs, the small or big breakthroughs. But, naturally, it can get exhausting often, making it impossible for you to keep up with the team, doing the job of solving challenges, completing assignments within the timeline, preparing, scheduling, etc.

Whenever someone says “company culture”, it conjured images of suits and ties and tight formal smiles. But in an economy alive with start-ups, run by people whose mantra is constant innovation; “company culture” has got a whole new spin.

Most of the answers to the company work culture query focus on describing the unlimited food supply, gaming facilities, and office decor. But it’s not just this if we see many people have their own consideration of the coolest start-up culture hacks. All though if we see these solutions are actually pearls of team management. These cultural hacks motivate employees to work more efficiently, eliminates pressure, improves the work environment greatly, encourages them to be innovative, creates a friendly environment and good communication between the employees and the employers.  

So let’s look at some of the coolest start-up culture observed by the employees in their business/start-ups:

  • Directi

It is an Indian tech corporation that allows their newbies to feel the warmth of the company that cares. In fact, they take it to the next level by sending heart-warming letters to newcomers from college.

That is an awesome hack on so many levels! Just think of it: you have just graduated from college, you're thrilled to enter a new company, and boom - you got an email from your parents, saying that they've received a letter from your company saying how talented you are. By doing so - Directi is not only helping workers to become a part of a company - they are making the company become a part of employees' families.

One of the new employees of the company shares his experience and says how overwhelmed he was when his parents received a heart-warming letter from the company in their name, it was his father’s name in the front page. He said how much this gesture of the company would mean to the nervous employees who are yet to take their first step into the working world.

One of the employees of MindTickel shares the two amazing hacks of her start-up company which are truly unique.

  • Workation

Workation stands for work +vacation.

Of course, a few companies have now adopted it but she says “we are the pioneers of it. It started with a vision that we being a small family working together on a common interest, should live every moment together and that thought gave birth to Workation at MindTickle.”

Now let’s see what workation is: - These are company-sponsored 10-day vacations for all employees along with their families.

She shares an experience of workstation at Himachal Pradesh.

The workday is 8am-2pm and the rest of the day is for immersing yourself in the beautiful mountains and have fun with your families. The evenings are filled with fun activities and campfires.

  • Chappals

Chaupals are traditionally the meeting place in a village where everything is discussed, everyone is updated on budget and questions are asked to Sarpanchs. Chaupals are Mind Tickle’s meetings on Friday where founders, senior managers, managers and everyone in the company comes in the common area to sit on floor mats and everyone gives important updates about their ongoing projects, new customers acquired and its details, new hires introduce themselves to the company (In Hindi) and important news related to the company is discussed along with its future plans. Also, everyone is free to ask anything and often hard questions are asked which the founders answer with utmost grace. The objective is to display the transparency we have in our culture. Chaupal gives all employees the overview for that week, and a forum to open up and ask as many questions as they have. 


  • Crowdfire

The welcome ceremony:
How you induct your newest member to the team says a lot about you and your workplace culture. At Crowdfire, everyone assembles in the cafeteria to welcome the newest member who pops a champagne bottle. This is followed by an introduction and a dance performance by the team (including the founder and co-founders).

It's an excellent icebreaker and makes the new member feel at home.

No cabins:
An open office gives a positive feel to the employees and fosters a healthy work environment. Moreover, a visually transparent office - anyone can see the end of the office from where they sit.


FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

  1. Why is a start-up culture good?

The workplace values supported by start-up cultures are increasingly resonating with business leaders at large organizations. As the pace of business speeds up, quickened in part by advances in technology, large companies are realizing that they could benefit greatly by putting more emphasis on start-up culture values, including the value of the individual. 

  1. Why does a start-up culture matter?

A positive culture and work atmosphere can magnify the growth of the company in ways one can't imagine. It is reflected in the team's motivation and productivity, vendor relationships, customer perception, public image, etc.

  1. How to Build a Strong Start-up Culture
  • Establish Your Company Mission.
  • Define Your Core Values.
  • Communicate Your Mission and Values.
  • Lead by Example.
  • Recruit and Hire Carefully.
  • Recognize and Reward Employees.
  • Regularly Re-evaluate Your Culture.


  1. What creates a culture in an organization?

Organizational cultures are created by a variety of factors, including founders' values and preferences, industry demands, and early values, goals, and assumptions. Culture is maintained through attraction-selection-attrition, new employee onboarding, leadership, and organizational reward systems